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I started to offer an independent glamping project support service in 2017. I’d already been working in this sector for some years and it was developing fast, but there wasn’t much impartial or experienced advice available to those diversifying into this sector. To be honest, it frustrated me to see people investing badly and not doing as well as they should, I knew I could help.

 Having worked in the glamping industry for some years I’d been been monitoring its development amid social and cultural movements, and despite some thinking it was a fad I could see, and predicted, that that these types of holiday accommodations had a very bright future. 

Every specialist has their own unique skill set and mine is the ability to weave together the right threads to create a successful experiential business. This ability draws on two things – professional experience and personal interests.  

My background in hospitality, corporate business, property restoration and ten years in the glamping / experiential sector,  form the foundations of my support.

However, in itself that’s not enough to create truly immersive and unique developments. I also draw on personal interests such as design, rural culture and sustainability  to bring that essential creative element to my project support and advice. 

,A country childhood and travels had made me no stranger to camping, treehouses and staying in quirky places, but it didn’t become a career choice until I began working in holiday property rental. I was asked to establish a new glamping agency, Quality Unearthed which is now one of the UK’s leading glamping specialist agencies. Even though glamping was an unknown niche at the time I felt right at home, it represented the perfect marriage of my own interests and experience.

In 2017 I set up my own advice service specialising in glamping and have helped clients worldwide since. Here in the UK, I collaborate with a team of hand-picked professionals that I’ve worked with over the years, because aspects such as planning, finance and architectural design are also crucial to a development’s success.

Every business owner wants a good return, but when it comes to experiential developments the concept must include an element of creativity – you won’t achieve full success without it. To further facilitate this, I’ve taken my passions and professional experience a step further with my  design & build company Morel & Co, which is proving to be unbelievably rewarding. 

Kate Morel

News & Views 

Glamping in Scotland

Glamping in Scotland

Glamping in Scotland looks set to start catching up with the rest of the UK I was delighted to be asked to run my first workshops  in Scotland, by the Friends of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, in early September 2018. Held over two days at Callander and Balloch in the...

2018 Changes to Airbnb

2018 Changes to Airbnb

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