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Initiated in 2017 by a need for impartial and informed consultancy advice in the glamping industry, Morel Consultancy takes Kate’s experience and contacts to the next stage, by drawing together a collective of industry specialists.  

Kate brings many years of relevant experience to her work with a  background in hospitality, business and property development, and design. For the last ten years she has worked specifically in glamping and experiential tourism – a worldwide developing sector.

Over the last few years glamping and experiential tourism have become mainstream and grown into worldwide leisure and travel movements. With first-hand industry experience and an intuitive understanding of these industry developments, Kate and her colleagues can guide and shape accommodation developments in this exciting growth sector.

Morel Consultancy brings together:

 Financial, practical, and creative business start-up advice for new  and greenfield glamping / alternative accommodation developments.  

Creative Business Development advice for existing hospitality businesses, reviewing existing business models, and shaping new diversification projects to drive a business into the next phase.  

Planning Advice, experienced professionals in obtaining permissions for commercial developments including glamping and treehouses.

“In 2011, whilst working in holiday property rental I was asked to join a new glamping agency, Quality Unearthed, to develop their portfolio. ‘Glamping’ was an unknown niche and none of us could have imagined it would grow into what it now represents.

By 2017 there was still very little impartial, informed advice available so I started a consultancy service for land and business owners wanting to diversify into this sector. I’ve worked with clients worldwide, one particularly memorable project was in Ecuador and I continue to support the regeneration efforts.

Morel Consultancy is a further development of that, and includes selected related advisers in planning, finance and design. Every business owner wants a good return, however within experiential tourism the development concept must include an element of creativity, because in this sector we won’t achieve full success without it. To further facilitate this, I’ve taken my passion and knowledge a step further with Morel & Co, which is proving to be unbelievably rewarding”. 

Kate Morel

News & Views 

Glamping in Scotland

Glamping in Scotland

Glamping in Scotland looks set to start catching up with the rest of the UK I was delighted to be asked to run my first glamping business workshops in Scotland, by the Friends of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, in early September 2018. Held over two days at Callander...

2018 Changes to Airbnb

2018 Changes to Airbnb

Changes to Airbnb 2018 Today I'm focussing on the recently announced changes to Airbnb, a few days ago C.E.O. Brian Cheskey presented the 2018 changes that will shape the company's future. If you haven't seen the video of his presentation, here it is. It's interesting...